Parkanaur College is an independent, specialist further education College for students aged 18+ with intellectual, physical and/or sensory disabilities. Situated in a beautiful and welcoming mature forest park, The Thomas Doran Training Centre was established in 1960 and in subsequent years has become Parkanaur College and Residential Care Home. Parkanaur College and Residential Care Home are fully committed to providing a quality service within a residential setting enabling trainees with a range of learning difficulties and disabilities to achieve their potential educationally, vocationally and socially. The curriculum is designed to promote the transitional evolution towards independence and assist post-college integration within the community.

The College has a governance Board in the form of the Thomas Doran Trust, which monitors and advises on financial and care governance standards. The Trustees are highly experienced in various aspects of care, healthcare, educational governance and have a record of service and commitment to the local community.


  • To provide trainees with the opportunity to be assessed in each aspect of the College curriculum and with appropriate support develop a set of learning objectives with an Individual Learning Programme.
  • To offer trainees a choice of vocational courses and education from which they can access nationally recognised qualifications.
  • To engage in a range of social and recreational activities, aimed at making their stay at Parkanaur as enjoyable an experience as possible, and introduce new hobbies/interests.
  • To offer trainees care, support and education to develop life skills and social independence within the extended curriculum. To increase the control they have in their own lives.
  • For trainees to have their personal preferences taken into consideration.
  • To offer trainees support in their transition from College to independent living.
  • To provide where appropriate, the opportunity of an extended period of residential training in Parkanaur College.
  • To ensure the highest standards are maintained through programmes of curriculum monitoring, staff development, trainee achievement records, self-assessment and external inspections.

Quality Policy Statement

Parkanaur is a Residential College committed to promoting the vocational education and personal development of people with a range of learning difficulties and disabilities.

Assessment in all aspects of the curriculum defines an individual programme reflecting each traineeā€™s aspirations, learning styles and support requirements.

We are proudly registered to the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority.